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Federal Prison Attorney

David B. Nolan, Esq.
Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
Federal Criminal Sentencing, Federal Prison & Federal Pre
and Post-Sentencing Firm

David B. Nolan, Esq. is a Federal Prison Attorney who handles federal criminal sentencingfederal post-conviction matters including federal appeals, and a wide breadth of federal prison matters for federal inmates throughout the United States.

Mr. Nolan has decades of experience as a former federal senior trial attorney and current private sector federal advocate for his clients who are facing federal incarceration or are already in custody to negotiate with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to obtain federal sentence reductions, entry into federal  rehabilitative programs, like RDAP, transfers into different federal prison facilities, and assistance with the federal administrative remedy process.

His practice includes federal criminal appeals, as well as federal civil appeals and amicus filings before various federal circuits and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Nolan works as an in-house Counsel for Federal Prison Consultants, a Division of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. This Division has pioneered the industry of Prison Advocacy in the United States. He is one of a minority of federal lawyers practicing this unique and highly specific niche of law in this Country. Mr. Nolan has experienced great success working in conjunction with other federal criminal defense law firms throughout the Country to file the following Federal Court pleadings:

  • Motion for Extension of Time to Surrender
  • Motion for Judicial Recommendation for Facility Placement
  • Motion to Transfer Facility
  • Motion for Judicial Recommendation for Entry into Programs
  • Rule 35 Motions
  • 2255 Habeas Corpus Appeals and other Post-Conviction Remedies

Mr. Nolan also has achieved success with the development and implementation of strategies relative to federal inmate sentence mitigation while working in tandem with the Defendant’s federal criminal defense attorney and Federal Prison ConsultantsFederal Prison Consultants was created with over 200 years of combined paralegalcriminal justice and corrections experience with prison experts who function as federal prison advocates and federal sentencing mitigation specialists who are preeminent in the field of Federal Prisoner Rehabilitation, Rights and Advocacy.

Mr. Nolan holds a B.A. degree (1973) from Duke University, a Masters (1975) from American University, and Juris Doctor (1978) from the University of LaVerne. Post J.D. study includes Harvard University Law School, the Georgetown University Law Center, and University of Pennsylvania, Wharton/SEAS. He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Appointments for Mr. Nolan can be scheduled by calling toll-free  1-855-499-4-LAW or  1-855-499-4529.